Bass Treats were developed for the shore based fishing (they do work great from the boats and kayaks too ). Through the process of the development we went through various prototypes with different weights and lengths. Built to last, tough as nails, those lures are not afraid of dozens bass each! The most common way of presentation is a slow, steady retrieve, but we suggest you to try twitching and jerking them, so they can glide to the sides.

We have 3 models of Bass Treats in our offer.

11cm/11g is a Baby Treat. For the early season, shallow reef fishing. 11g and proper shape give it excellent casting range. Recommend Hook size 4/0-5/0 with 2-3g of additional weight.

14cm/22g model is the first of our lures introduced to the market. Over the years it was well tested, returned many bass, including some specimen size fish too. Flies to horizon even through heavy winds. Recommended hook size is 7/0. Don’t be afraid to try the weighted hooks, additional 4g will give you few more ways of presentation.

And finally our Big Treats, 17cm and 39g. When it comes to casting distance not many lures come close, especially in soft plastics department. Rig it with a twist lock and a treble on it’s belly for those finicky big bass. Great gliding action, extreme casting distance and various possible rigging ways make this lure effective not only for big autumn bass, but also for channel and river pikes, barracudas, bluefish and various other saltwater predators. Recommended hook size is 9/0 texas rigged with 5g of lead to cover various water depths. For a treble Hook rig 3/0 trebles are perfect.


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