Hard Lures

Pirate lures brings you a new family of lures – Mr LabraX Hard Needle lures.

Based on our very successful range of soft plastics we developed in 3 sizes of 12cm, 14cm and 17cm, as well as various weights, ranging from 25g to whopping 85g ones to cover most needs of your salt water fishing.

Recent years have shown that I was missing one kind of lure in my box – a long distance, durable, surface and subsurface stickbait, with good colours to trick even the most tricky fish. One lure that allows different presentation techniques, from popping, walk-the-dog to slow sweeping, a shallow diving pencil that can be presented as both a very aggressive surface splasher and a subtle, natural subsurface lure. The last impulse to start working on them was our trip to Sahara, where fish very often followed our splashing surface lures, but did not attack them. They were interested in pencils with great fish-like colours, but such lures were lacking the reef reaching range, where the fish were located. So I decided to combine both the long range casting and well proven colours from our soft plastics range to create new, needle type lure.

Initial prototypes caught fish on our first outing. This was followed by long months of tweaking, changes, testing different materials, weights, paints and coatings, fishing in different conditions, spots and with varieties of species. During our testing we caught or at least hooked most of the local predatory species.

Sea bass, barracuda, bluefish, albacore, bonito, amberjack, mackerel, garfish and even a dozen of mullets - all attacked our lures on a regular basis

Completely custom and hand made lures, individually hand painted, covered with 4 layers of ultra hard, clear resin coat. Built with a running- through wire (1.0mm in 12 and 14 cm size and 1.2mm in 17cm size), looped at each end – these lures are as tough as it gets. During our tests we easily broke the 100lb FC leader using our 14cm model with not a single scratch on a lure. The same story goes with toothy predators like bluefish or barracuda, our hard needles proved to be very resistant to their jaws.

Every lure comes with strong split rings, 3x and 4x strong saltwater treble hooks – ready to be cast to the biggest fish out there!


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