Curly cock

We are proud to present our new lure - Curly Cock!

Does size matters? YES!

When you are after a really big mama, it may be tough to tempt her with a pickle! Not saying that a shrimp won't has it day, but in our experience big lure = big pike. At 45cm and just under 140g this massive lure is destined for big pike.

Sweeping action of it's curly tail, proper stiffness of the body, nice gliding when jerked - all the action you need to get some proper attention! You can go fast, you can go slow, pauses, twitches, bit of jerking here and there - all the classic pike tricks you know can be used with our new lure. Rigged with extra weight it will go bit deeper or can be trolled slowly.

We worked on this lure since the start of our company in 2017. Different tails, sizes, different shapes of the body... We consulted both pike and musky anglers and after more or less dozen variants we are finally happy with our design, just in time for the start of pike season.


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