About us

It all started with a dream

Dream of being able to stock my lures the same ways as flies – just by making them. Exactly what I want and how I wanted them. No more waiting for the product availability in the shop, no more chosing from few colours that I could get. Custom colours available, always, with only imagination being the limit.
I am lucky to have angling as my major occupation for last dozen years. Started with a flyfishing magazine, flytying, freelance writing and photography for few magazines, guiding business in the Strait of Gibraltar – all were puzzles slowly building up to this moment. Previous industry experience in plastic monomers, pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing are a great help too, as well as Chemistry and Biology background. Also experience in publishing industry, with colour mixing, photography and editing – it all help with creation of good colours for the lures, understanding required lure characteristics and anglers needs.


All our lures are 100% hand made. No large scale injectors, no made in China packed in EU stuff. Each lure was made in Europe, using 100% EU materials.


Custom colours are made for the orders in limited quantities and usually are not available through other stores. We will do our best to provide you with exact colour combination that you want. Custom colours are available by e-mail only.


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