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New for 2021!

The newest addition to our soft lures range is a small, 4”, 10cm and 6g paddletail. Last winter a good friend approached me with a few ideas on a new paddletail lure he wanted to design for his favourite wrasse fishing. We were looking for a creature/shrimp lure for a while now. With additional advice from one of our shops we set out to design the new lure. Countless hours were spent on discussing the desired shape and action, even more time was spent on reshaping our 3d project until we were all happy with it. A lure that can be used in a conventional paddletail way, imitating baitfish but when it is rigged belly up, with slow twitches it can imitate the behaviour and the shape of a shrimp on those sandy patches between the rocks.

Simple and durable, this lure was especially designed for wrasse fishing, but also proved itself great as a seabass killer. A small, but chunky body that allows for some head wobble, a tilted paddle for a delicate, rapid tail action. To keep the price down we resigned from the 3d eyes and the painting process.

All that was left was to create new scent formula. For over a year I searched through various scientific papers on the impact of different substances on scent and taste. Then an idea came, that though most of the scents seemed to be the working in the same manner, the one thing that was surprisingly common was the attractiveness of the scent of aniseed oil, the substance we used for our lures since the Seaducer line was released. A bit of searching revealed that it was not the scent of aniseed itself that attracted the fish, but more so the way it influences the sense of smell and taste for the fish.

We had our answer!

Our new scent formula is based on a crustacean extract enhanced with aniseed, and a taste and smell enhancing additive that supercharged our lures. Lures that now keep the scent longer and are more attractive to fish, even those finnicky wrasse.

5 lures per pack

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