Teaser 12cm 8g paddletail

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The lure that was missing in our range was a paddletail.

Still, I wanted to keep unique characteristics of the Seaducers, their action, asymmetrical shape, but also their robustness. 15cm and 15g size that proved to be great for seabass and some larger predators too.

I wanted something with a narrow tail action, similar to the one of sandeel and small baitfish, but yet still strong enough for the vibrations to be detected by a predator. Body roll to show both the sides and the belly plus small body flex to the sides and some gliding when twitched, to closely imitate a panicked baitfish. Still, good stability to fish in the tidal currents. Tail action to start from slow retrieve to a stronger vibration with faster pace.

For over a season I was experimenting with the different tail lengths, shapes and sizes of the paddle.

First prototypes were changed, adjusted, fished in many waters by a few of my friends. More changes were made, added bit stiffer and slimmer tail for faster, low amplitude and high frequency vibration, hook slot in the belly to improve hook ups. Testers asked me to make the lure in smaller size too, so the lure was also made in 12cm 8g and it made a huge difference. The lure is half the weight of the larger model, has faster tail vibration and it is an ideal match for early season bass fishing.

Rigged with weighted offset hook for shallow water and slow retrieve, with jig head or cheburashka rig for fishing in the deeper waters. Reefs, tidal channels, deep drop offs are easy with an added extra weight.

Teasers are made in two sizes - 12cm and 8g and 15cm and 15g

4 lures per pack

Please allow +-3 days for completion of your order

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